Newsletters from our Power Of Grace Team on the ground in Cambodia


Greetings from Phnom Penh Cambodia! 

We had a wonderful graduation ceremony for Cambodia Baptist Bible College last July 3, 2018.  There were 8 students (4 men and 4 ladies) who graduated this year.  The graduation program was made special by the attendance of brethren from Callie Harbin Baptist Church of Villa Rica, Georgia, USA with their Pastor, Rev. Corey Gordon, giving the graduation message.

Last August 13-15, we held our Annual Inter-Church Youth Camp.  Missionary-Pastor Edgar Asuncion has done a great job of directing and leading the camp programs.  We have more than 40 young people from our church who participated and they have enjoyed camp activities very much. Altogether, there were almost 600 people who attended the Youth Camp! I was privileged to preach twice in the general sessions.  Several young people got saved, some submitted for baptism and we have several who came forward to signify their intention to enroll in Bible College.

Academy International Cambodia opened the new school year last September 10 with 62 students.  The space we are renting is rapidly becoming smaller with the growing number of students and also the students growing physically!  Please help pray for more dedicated staff and workers as we work together to help train the younger generation not only in academics but also in values with a solid foundation on the Word of God.

As we have mentioned in our previous prayer letter, everyone at Power of Grace Children’s Home are doing fine.  Thankfully, none of the children are sick at the moment.  The new school year has started and everyone is in school.  We are very thankful to the Lord for our friends and supporting churches who are sacrificing to help provide for the children’s needs.  However, we are still plagued by chronic vehicular breakdowns as our vans are quite old and getting dilapidated due the incessant floodings in our area of town. If you could, please help us to either replace or do a thorough repair on our vehicles.

Grace Baptist Church – Phnom Penh is doing fine too.  We seem to lose people on a periodic basis due to relocation because of job and employment reasons.  Please help us pray that we will be able to win more people in our community.  Our community is rapidly changing as several of the earlier residents have decided to sell their places and relocated to other areas.  While more new people are moving in, it is always a challenge developing relationships with the newcomers into our community.

The Power of Grace Radio distribution is coming along well. The people of Cambodia are now able to hear the Gospel and lives are being touched and saved. The radios are a precious commodity to family and friends here in Cambodia. Thank you to our Gospel Music friends and others who share the message night after night to help and support us. We treasure your support.

Thank you very much for your fervent prayers and faithful support for us and the ministries here.  Our utmost desire and prayer to the Lord is for Him to bless you all for your great kindness in partnering with us. 

Yours for Cambodian souls,

Power of Grace Radio



Dear Faithful Friends and Prayer Partners,

Greetings to all of you!  We trust that you all are doing fine.  

Thank you very much for your prayers and support for us.  The first half of 2019 seems to have passed by us like a speeding bullet.  We praise the Lord for His unceasing faithfulness in keeping us as we try to do what we can in His vineyard.

Last February, we enjoyed a special treat of blessings in being able to participate in the celebrations of the 25th Anniversary of the establishment of the Asian Baptist Clearinghouse.  Being part of the “Guinea Pig Batch” of missionaries, we have seen how the Lord has blessed the Asian Baptist Clearinghouse and the overall missions endeavors of our Independent Bible Believing Baptist churches in the Philippines.  Truly we can say; “God is so great and greatly to be praised!”

Last March 4, 2019, we held our Annual Talents Festival at the Cambodia Baptist Bible College. It is always a heart-warming feeling to see the students showcase talents that are profitable for ministry.  Please continue to pray for these students and the financial needs for CBBC that we will be able to train and enable more Cambodian Christians for leadership roles in the evangelization of Cambodia.

We also held the CBBC Annual Sports Festival last March 24.  This is an event where we are able to gather together the students, CBBC alumni, teachers and introduce prospective students to the ministries of Cambodia Baptist Bible College.  The activity provides for sports competitions, fun games and opportunities to fellowship with our local pastors who are serving in other parts of Cambodia that we do not see often.

 Last April 28, we celebrated the 17th Anniversary of Grace Baptist Church – Anlong K’ngan.  As always, the anniversary celebration included special music and testimonies and highlighted by a challenging message then concluded with a food fellowship on the church grounds.  We thank the Lord for the souls saved and called to service through the ministries of Grace Baptist Church.  Your partnership with us these many years have definitely helped make these blessed and fruitful years possible.

Just recently, more radios from The Power of Grace Radio were delivered to Cambodia due to help from our Gospel Music friends and others who have been so faithful to support and be the voice where we cannot go. It’s all of us working together that makes the difference! Thank you to all of our supporters who are making a huge difference in the life of the Cambodian people.   

We are in the process of renewing our documents with the government offices here.  Requirements have become more complicated as there were some non-government organizations (NGO) who have been vocal in their support for the opposition parties and vocal in their criticism of the government also.  The results is not so good with smaller organizations like ours.  Please help pray that we will be able to comply with their long list of requirements and the finances needed in processing these documents especially for our visas to be able to keep on serving in the country.

Thank you once again for all you do to help us in the things we do for the Cambodian people.  May the Lord bless you and the your whole family. You matter to us and we are praying God’s greatest blessings on you!

 Yours for Cambodian souls,

Power of Grace Radio



Dear Faithful Friends,Prayer Partners and Radio Supporters,

“I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.”  John 9:4

Warm greetings from Phnom Penh, Cambodia!  We trust you all are doing well and enjoying the Lord’s blessings.  Time does really fly by!  Who knows how soon or late when we all would be where our rewards are waiting for us?    In the meanwhile may we all keep on in earnest in the ministry of reaching the lost for our Savior.

 Cambodia Baptist Bible College started the new school year last October 16, 2018.  Our Pastor, Mike Valdez had the privilege of teaching the 2nd and 3rd year men Homiletics and Practice Preaching for the first and second blocks of the new school year.  It is always fun and at the same time humbling to see young men stand up in front to deliver a sermon for the first time.  While some of these young preachers have had experience in teaching in their respective churches, most are still very nervous knowing that their lesson and presentation is being critiqued by a teacher and their peers.  Please help pray for these students that they will continue to grow and develop into effective preachers and teachers of God’s Word to help increase the labor force for the harvest in Cambodia.  Altogether, from 1st years to 3rd years, we have 26 students.  Please do pray also for more stable and consistent financial support for Power of Grace.

 We praise the Lord for His blessings upon us at Academy International Cambodia. AIC has been instrumental in presenting the Gospel of salvation and also in ushering several students and their families to our friend’s churches in the city.  Last December 4-7, we held the Cambodia Student Convention at the “the Highlands Cambodia”.  Our students enjoyed very much the competitions in academics, platform skills and various sports.  We felt kind of proud of course, watching our students excel in various talents and skills that are profitable for ministry such as singing, use of musical instruments and in public speaking. 

 We are very thankful to the Lord for His provisions for the daily needs of Power of Grace Children’s Home through our friends and supporting churches.  Average wise, regular support has been stable for the year 2018.  The challenge now is in the area of funds for emergency and equipment maintenance.  Our vehicles have had some serious deterioration and have been consistently breaking down the past months.  We are praying and appealing for help to have one of our vans replaced before the middle of 2019 and the other van to be replaced before the year ends.  Both vehicles were purchased second hand, are now more than 20 years old, and have been in our use for more than 10 years!

All of our children are safe and in sound health.  Chun Sophea, one of the children we’ve raised at Power of Grace, has graduated as an Electronic and Communications Engineering.  Thank you all for your prayers and help in providing for underprivileged children like him.  With Bible and spiritual training, coupled with educational opportunities, together, we are helping change the future of Cambodia.

Please help pray for our visitors coming to Grace Baptist Church – Phnom Penh will continue to come and that they will be certain of their personal relationship with the Lord.  Every time there are traditional holidays in Cambodia, many people seem to take a break from coming to church and then try to come back weeks later.  While our core people are showing positive signs of growth and maturity, it is our earnest desire to see more fruit that remain.

Continue to pray for The Power of Grace Radio distribution and the faithful support of our Gospel Music friends and others who present the message. The Power of Grace Radio is an incredible tool of reaching those who may never hear the Gospel of Christ. We thank all of you who have prayed and supported the distribution of radios all through Cambodia. The Power of Grace Radio with its message of the Gospel is a shining light in a dark and dreary place.

 We are very thankful for your fervent prayers and faithful support for us and the ministries we do here.  It is our earnest prayer to the Lord that His most abundant blessings be poured upon you and your family and ministries. 

Yours for Cambodian souls,

Power Of Grace Radio



Dear Faithful Friends, Prayer Partners and Radio Supporters,

“I thank my God upon every remembrance of you.” (Phil. 1:3) These words of the apostle Paul to the Philippian believers is what’s in our heart whenever we call to remembrance our faithful friends like you who have been our partners in the ministry for these many years.  This past May 2018 marked our 21st year of ministry here in Cambodia and we are so blessed to have Mike and Daisy Valdez with us for all these years.  We thank God and we thank you! 
Another of our Pastors, Bro. Koung Sothea and his wife, Rina, have been working in a new area of ministry for several years now.  This is a place several kilometers away from their home where they have another mission work. The work in this area is quite difficult and progress is rather slow but we praise the Lord for their faithfulness.  Most of their attendees here are younger children, many of whom would be helping in their parents' farms and so unable to be in church on a regular basis.  On the first week of April, Pastor Sothea baptized 3 young people who trusted the Lord as their Savior.  Please pray for Pastor Sothea and his family and the people they are trying to reach with the Gospel in Srok Bati, Takeo Province.  Please pray that the parents of these young people would come to the saving knowledge of the Lord too.  Please help pray also as Pastor Sothea looks for a suitable property to buy for a permanent building for their church and ministries. 
And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also (2 Timothy 2:2).  This verse sums up quite appropriately the mandate for Cambodia Baptist Bible College.  We thank the Lord for young people, men and women, who are heeding to the call of the Lord to take the Gospel to their own people and to others around them.  While the number may not be in droves, one worker at a time, we try to help populate the harvest fields of Cambodia with men and women who have been taught to ably and faithfully handle the Word of God!  Praise the Lord for fellow missionaries and fellow helpers like Preacher Mien, Pastor Vanna and Pastor Sothea!  Please help pray for The Power of Grace ministry as we continue to spread the Gospel to Cambodia. 
All our children at Power of Grace Children’s Home are flourishing and doing fine.  We thank the Lord for our friends and supporting churches who provide the needs of our children at Power of Grace Children’s Home.  We do have enough for our basic necessities.  However, unforeseen emergency situations knock us off balance every now and then.  At this time, we need some extra funds for overall building maintenance and repairs as well as equipment repairs or even replacement.  Our building is 10 years old now and an overall maintenance is long overdue.  One of our vans (21 years old) is in the shop having major engine and some body repairs at this moment!  We definitely need some financial help for these needs.  Please help also to pray for the safety and health of all our children at Power of Grace especially during this onset of the rainy season. The rainy season can be very devastating for children and families. 
Continue to pray for our Gospel Music friends and others who share the powerful message of The Power of Grace Radio distribution to Cambodia. They are a voice where we can’t be. Many Cambodians are receiving radios with the hope of Christ because of their sacrifice.   
Please accept our thanks for your fervent prayers and faithful support.  We pray that the Lord will keep on blessing you for being our partners. 
Yours for Cambodian souls,
Power of Grace Radio

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